Deborah Alfredo Giese

My interest in college was in Biology, nature and art.  In the years that followed I focused on art and through my drawings my biology background and my interest in nature came through.  Afterwards I worked transforming my designs into metal. 

I created designs and honed my craft for more than 32 years at a notable Evanston handcrafted jewelry shop. There I learned diamond setting, and worked with gold, silver and other metals.  I learned the technique of forging metal.  Then using chasing and repose techniques I was able to render my designs realistically.

Artist Photo 2-01.png

Today, using the old world craftsmanship of yesterday and the tools and techniques of today, I continue to create classic and unique designs along with my nature inspired signature pieces.  Leaves and flower designs are used in some of my work. In others I use agates, precious and semi-precious stones to be used as a focal point of the work or an accent.  My repertoire includes rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and pins.

I ‘m delighted to create a 3-dimentional pieces of art that can be worn and enjoyed for years to come.  I trust it gives those who wear it an appreciation of the craftsmanship that was used to create it and the wonder of nature that has inspired my work.